Plenary Session  
AS-46 Current Status of Space Robotics Activities in Asia
Tsutomu Iwata(Japan)
EU-24 Space Robotics in Europe, a Compendium
Eric Bornschlegl, Gerd Hirzinger, Michel Maurette, Raffaele Mugnuolo, and Gianfranco Visentin(Netherland, Germany, France, Italy)
AM-22 Recent Canadian Activities in Space Automation & Robotics - An Overview
Jean-Claude Piedboeuf and Érick Dupuis(Canada)
AM-63 Rover Technology Development and Infusion for the 2009 Mars Science Laboratory Mission
Richard Volpe and Stephen Peters(USA)

Session 1-2-1: Space System Technology  
AM-11 A Survey of Space Robotics
Liam Pedersen, David Kortenkamp, David Wettergreen, and Illah Nourbakhsh(USA)
AM-7 Recent JPL Results Supporting Automation of Ground and Flight Systems
David J. Atkinson (USA)
EU-19 Control Technologies at the European Space Operations Centre: Current Projects and Future Perspectives
Alessandro Donati(Germany)
EU-17 Automation & Robotics (A&R) within the German Space Program -- On-Orbit Servicing of Satellites (OOS) as a Major Application Field --
Bernd Sommer and Joerg Kreisel(Germany)
AS-38 Study of the Solar Power Satellite in NASDA
Mitsushige Oda, Hiroshi Ueno and Masahiro Mori(Japan)

Session 1-2-2: Robot Control and Software  
AS-12 Evaluation Criteria for Multi-Joint Arm Configuration in Space Robotics Operations
Koichi Wakata, Tomoya Shibata, and Yoshiaki Ohkami(Japan)
AS-5 Reduction of Control Torque for Space Manipulators Using Dynamic Manipulability Ellipsoid
Hiroshi Okubo, Tomoya Matsudo, and Naoki Katsuda(Japan)
AS-29 Design and Prototype of Reusable Software Library for Controlling Space Robots
Hiroaki Hattori, Masaaki Hatsuta, Mitsushige Oda, Hiroshi Ueno, and Takeshi Nishimaki (Japan)
EU-20 Software Environment for Assembly, Modeling and Online-Simulation of Redundant Light-Weight Manipulators
Rainer Krenn, Bernd Schäfer, and Gerd Hirzinger(Germany)
EU-6 EUROPA Robot Controller: Advances in Design
A. Olivieri, T. Grasso, A. Rusconi, and M.Colomba(Italy)
AM-46 LiveInventor : An Interactive Development Environment for Robot Autonomy
Charles Frederick Neveu and Mark Shirley(USA)
AM-39 Helping Humans: Agents for Distributed Space Operations
C. Martin, D. Schreckenghost, P. Bonasso, D. Kortenkamp, T.Milam, and C. Thronesbery(USA)

Session 1-2-3: Rover Motion Control  
AM-33 Multi-Sensor Terrain Estimation for Planetary Rovers
Karl Iagnemma, Shinwoo Kang, Christopher Brooks, and Steven Dubowsky(USA)
AM-58 Terrain Model Registration for Single Cycle Instrument Placement
Matthew Deans, Clay Kunz, Randy Sargent, and Liam Pedersen(USA)
AS-21 Slip, Traction Control, and Navigation of a Lunar Rover
Kazuya Yoshida, Toshinobu Watanabe, Noriyuki Mizuno, and Genya Ishigami(Japan)
AM-10 Climbing Robots in Natural Terrain
Timothy Bretl,Teresa Miller, Stephen Rock, and Jean-Claude Latombe(USA)
AM-31 ROAMS: Planetary Surface Rover Simulation Environment
A. Jain, J. Guineau, C. Lim, W. Lincoln, M. Pomerantz, G. Sohl, and R. Steele(USA)

Session 1-3-1: Japanese Experimental Module  
AS-41 Ground Validation of JEMRMS
Fumihiro Kuwao, Masanobu Nishio, Akiko Otsuka, Yasufumi Wakabayashi, and Naoki Satoh(Japan)
AS-40 Operation Concept on JEMRMS
Fumihiro Kuwao, Akiko Otsuka, Masato Hayashi, Yasuhiko Aiko, Yasufumi Wakabayashi, Naoki Satoh, and Shinobu Doi (Japan)
AS-18 An Effective Control Strategy of Japanese Experimental Module Remote Manipulator System (JEMRMS) Using Coupled and Un-Coupled Dynamics
Satoko Abiko and Kazuya Yoshida(Japan)
AS-44 Development of JEM Payloads Data Communication System -The PLT, a Part of NASDA Payloads Data Communication System-
Takeru Yamagami(Japan)
AS-43 Sample Cartridge Automatic Exchange Mechanism for JEM Multi User Facility (GHF)
Hirochika Murase and Tai Nakamura(Japan)

Session 1-3-2: Human and Robot Operation  
AM-26 Human-Agent Teamwork and Adjustable Autonomy in Practice
Maarten Sierhuis, Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Alessandro Acquisti, Ron Van Hoof, Renia Jeffers, and Andrzej Uszok(USA)
AM-52 Intelligent Virtual Station (IVS)
Richard Papasin, Bradley J. Betts, Rommel Del Mundo, Michael Guerrero, Robert W. Mah, Dawn M. McIntosh, and Edward Wilson(USA)
AM-54 Evaluation of Human vs. Teleoperated Robotic Performance in Field Geology Tasks at a Mars Analog Site
B. Glass, G. Briggs, J.Jasper, and K. Snook(USA)
AM-28 Robot Tracking of Human Subjects in Field Environments
Jeffrey Graham ,Titan, and Kimberly Shillcutt(USA)
AM-5 Experiments with an EVA Assistant Robot
Robert R. Burridge, Jeffrey Graham, Kim Shillcutt, Robert Hirsh, and David Kortenkamp(USA)
AS-13 Test of Operator Endurance in the Teleoperation of an Anthropomorphic Hand
Sachiko Wakabayashi, Darby F. Magruder, and William Bluethmann(Japan,USA)
EU-15 The ESA Human Arm Exoskeleton for Space Robotics Telepresence
André Schiele, and Gianfranco Visentin(Netherland)
AM-16 On-Orbit MSS Training Simulator
Régent L'Archevêque, Serguei Bedziouk, Eric Martin, Michel Doyon, Jozsef Kövecses and Pierre Allard(Canada)
AM-4 BioSim: An Integrated Simulation of an Advanced Life Support System for Intelligent Control Research
David Kortenkamp and Scott Bell(USA)

Session 1-3-3: Rover Navigation  
AM-34 Experiments with a Long-Range Planetary Rover
D.P.Miller, T.Hunt, M.Roman, S.Swindell, and L.Tan & A.Winterholler(USA)
AM-17 Autonomous Rover Navigation in Partially Known Terrain
Pierre Allard, Sébastien Gemme, Régent L'Archevêque, Brian Moore, and Erick Dupuis(Canada)
AM-55 A Real-Time Rover Executive Based On Model-Based Reactive Planning
Mary Bernardine Dias, Solange Lemai, and Nicola Muscettola(USA)
AS-30 Position Estimation Scheme for Lunar Rover Based on Integration of the Sun and the Earth Observation and Dead Reckoning
Yoji Kuroda, Toshiharu Kurosawa, Akiyoshi Tsuchiya, Shingo Shimoda, and Takashi Kubota(Japan)
AM-12 Single-Cycle Instrument Deployment for Mars Rovers
L Pedersen, R. Sargent, M. Bualat, C. Kunz, S. Lee, and A. Wright(USA)
AM-40 Seeing is Believing: A Hybrid Vision System for Mobile Network Robotics
M-A Cardin, E J P Earon, and G M T D'Eleuterio(Canada)
AS-36 Tele-Driving System for Nonstop Traveling of Lunar Rover and Its Field Experiment
Yoji Kuroda, Masahide Kawanishi, Mitsuaki Matsukuma, Yasuharu Kunii, and Takashi Kubota(Japan)

Session 2-1-1: Reasoning and Planning  
AS-10 Automatic Summarization of Spacecrafts' House-Keeping Data
Shiro Ogasawara, Takehisa Yairi, Naoki Ishihama, Koichi Hori, and Shinichi Nakasuka(Japan)
AM-49 Applying Model-Based Reasoning to the FDIR of the Command and Data Handling Subsystem of the International Space Station
Peter I. Robinson, Mark Shirley, Daryl Fletcher, Rick Alena, Dan Duncavage, and Charles Lee(USA)
AM-6 When Automated Planning is Not Enough: Assisting Users in Building Human Activity Plans
Debra Schreckenghost, Mary Beth Hudson, Carroll Thronesbery, and Kevin Kusy(USA)
AM-37 Integrated Demonstration of Instrument Placement, Robust Execution and Contingent Planning
Liam Pedersen, Maria Bualat, D. Lees, David E. Smith, and Richard Washington(USA)
AM-61 Autonomous Science on the EO-1 Mission
Steve Chien, Rob Sherwood, Daniel Tran, Rebecca Castano, Benjamin Cichy, Ashley Davies, Gregg Rabideau, Nghia Tang, Michael Burl, Dan Mandl, Stuart Frye, Jerry Hengemihle, Jeff D'Augustino, Robert Bote, Bruce Trout, Seth Shulman, Stephen Ungar, Jim Van Gaasbeck, Darrell Boyer, Michael Griffin, Hisao-hua Burke, Ronald Greeley, Thomas Doggett, Kevin Williams, Victor Baker, and James Dohm(USA)
EU-12 An Interactive Problem Solving Tool for Mission Planning
Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Angelo Oddi, and Nicola Policella(Italy)

Session 2-1-2: Tracking and Capturing Target  
EU-10 Fast Spacecraft Pose Estimation Based on Zernike Moments
Fernando Gandía and Alberto García Casas(Spain)
AM-51 Approach Planning and Guidance for Uncontrolled Rotating Satellite Capture Considering Collision Avoidance
Shuichi Matsumoto, Stephen Jacobsen, Steven Dubowsky, and Yoshiaki Ohkami(Japan,USA)
AS-17 Dynamics and Control for Robotic Capture of a Non-Cooperative Satellite
Kazuya Yoshida, Hiroki Nakanishi, Hiroshi Ueno, Noriyasu Inaba, Takeshi Nishimaki, and Mitsushige Oda(Japan)
AS-37 Capture Experiment of Rotational Satellite Using In-Orbit Maintenance Vehicle
Yoshitaka Ooi, Kazuo Machida, Yoshitsugu Toda, Fumio Ozaki, Junji Oaki, Kazuyuki Masukawa, and Kazuya Yoshida(Japan)
AS-19 Study on Laser Rangefinder for Non-Cooperative Rendezvous
Isao Kawano, Hiroshi Ueno, Yoshiyuki Ishijima, Tadashi Adachi, and Takahiko Iijima(Japan)

Session 2-1-3: Mars Exploration  
AM-14 Technology Development for the Canadian Mars Exploration Program
Erick Dupuis, Alain Berinstain, and Stehane Desjardins(Canada)
AM-2 Lidar-Based Autonomous Rendezvous in Mars Orbit
F. J. Pelletier(Canada)
AM-27 MAPGEN: Mixed Initiative Planning and Scheduling for the Mars'03 MER Mission
Alan Baba, John Bresina, Len Charest, Will Edgington, Ari Jonsson, Adans Ko, Bob Kanefsky, Pierre Maldague, Paul Morris, Nicola Muscettola, and Kanna Rajan(USA)
EU-9 Beagle2 Simulation and Calibration for Ground Segment Operations
D.P. Barnes, N. Phillips, and G.Paar(UK)
EU-23 A Robotic Triad for Mars Surface & Sub-Surface Exploration
A. Ellery, A. Ball, P. Coste, D. Dickensheets, H. Hu, R. Lorenz, H. Nehmzow, G. Mckee, L. Richter, and A. Winfield(UK, Netherland, USA, Germany)

Session 2-2-1: Fault Detection  
AS-39 An Expert Diagnostic System for the Deep Space Probe MUSES-C to Facilitate its Safe Operations during the Cruising Phase
Mitsue Mizutani, Masashi Hashimoto, and Naomi Nishigori(Japan)
EU-11 Fuzzy Inductive Reasoning and Possibilistic Logic for Space Systems Failure Smart Detection and Identification
A.Ercoli Finzi, M.R.Lavagna, and G.Sangiovanni(Italy)
AM-60 An Advanced Model-Based Diagnosis Engine
Amir Fijany, Farrokh Vatan, Anthony Barrett, Mark James, and Ryan Mackey(USA)
AM-42 Efficient On-Line Fault Diagnosis for Non-Linear Systems
Frank Hutter and Richard Dearden(USA)
AM-36 Integrated Synthesis, Analysis and Implementation of Model-Based Distributed Spacecraft Control Systems
David P. Watson, Patrick A. Stadter, and George R. Barrett(USA)

Session 2-2-2: On-Orbit Servicing System  
AS-35 On-Orbital Experiment on Target Motion Estimation and Tracking Using Micro-LABSAT
Shinichi Nakasuka, Nobutada Sako, Yuichi Tsuda, Shinichi Ukawa, Ryu Funase, Fuyuto Terui, Shinichi Kimura, Keisuke Yoshihara and Toru Yamamoto(Japan)
AS-9 A Study toward an Autonomous Space Robot
Kei Senda, Shusuke Mano, Tsutomu Matsumoto, and Yuzo Okano(Japan)
AS-15 Automatic Rendezvous to the International Space Station
Jun Tsukui, Shigeki Hotta, Takane Imada, Koji Yamanaka, and Toru Kasai(Japan)
AM-43 An Autonomous Control System for an Intra-Vehicular Spacecraft Mobile Monitor Prototype
Gregory A. Dorais, Salvatore. D. Desiano, Yuri. Gawdiak, and Keith. Nicewarner (USA)
AS-2 Preliminary Experiments on Image Processing for Satellite Orbital Maintenance
Shinichi Kimura, Makoto Takeuchi, Yasufumi Nagai, Heihachiro Kamimura, Satomi Kawamoto, Fuyuhito Terui, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Shin-Ichiro Nishida, Shinichi Nakasuka, Shinichi Ukawa, Hidekazu Hashimoto, Nobuhiro Takahashi, and Keisuke Yoshihara(Japan)

Session 2-2-3: Lunar Mission  
AS-11 SELENE-B: Proposed Lunar Mission with Lander and Rover
Ichiro Nakatani, Kohtaro Matsumoto, and Tatsushi Izumi(Japan)
AS-31 Optical Sensors in Obstacle Detection and Avoidance for Moon Landing
Kohtaro Matsumoto, Shuuichi Sasa, Yasuhiro Katayama, Tetsujiro Ninomiya, Yoshio Hamada, Tatsuaki Hashimoto, Shujiro Sawai, and Yoshiyuki Ishijima(Japan)
AM-62 A Landmark Based Pinpoint Landing Simulator
Yang Cheng and Adnan Ansar(USA)
AS-7 A Mole-Type Drilling Robot for Lunar Subsurface Exploration
Keisuke Watanabe, Shingo Shimoda, Takashi Kubota, and Ichiro Nakatani(Japan)

Session 3-1-1: Space System Automation  
AM-59 A Comparison of Techniques for Combining Specialized Problem Solvers in a Spacecraft Operations Domain
Russell Knight and Ben Smith(USA)
EU-2 A MADM Approach towards Space System Design Automation by a Fuzzy Logic-Based Analytic Hierarchical Process
M.R.Lavagna and A.Ercoli Finzi(Italy)
AS-25 Multiagent-Based Layout System for a Pressurized Logistics Carrier in H-IIA Transfer Vehicle
Keiki Takadama, Shinichi Amatastu, Shinichi Nakasuka, and Katsunori Shimohara(Japan)
AS-24 An Approach to Bootstrapping Knowledge Management Process in Engineering Projects
Yoshikiyo Kato and Koichi Hori(Japan)
AM-45 Efficient Monitoring for Planetary Rovers
Vandi Verma, Geoff Gordon, and Reid Simmons(USA)

Session 3-1-2: Robotic Task  
AS-4 Microgravity Experiment for a Tethered Space Robot
Masahiro Nohmi and Shunichi Yoshida(Japan)
AS-23 Functional Test Model and Verification Experiments of Docking Mechanism for Mothership-Daughtership Nano-Satellites
Kyoichi Ui and Saburo Matunaga(Japan)
AS-42 Research on Application of Shape Memory Polymers to Space Inflatable Systems
Junichiro Ishizawa, Kichiro Imagawa, Shintaro Minami, Shunichi Hayashi, and Norio Miwa(Japan)
AS-20 A Study of Attitude Dynamics and Control for a Module-Type Large Spacecraft
Koji Nakaya and Saburo Matunaga(Japan)
AS-28 The Operation of Flexible Massive Payload Considering Vibration Suppression
Kazuya Konoue and Saburo Matunaga(Japan)
EU-18 MMD: Micro Mechanism Device
F. Rossi, S. Debei, and F. Angrilli(Italy)
EU-13 Robust Fuzzy Logic Current and Speed Controllers for Field-Oriented Induction Motor Drive
Fayez F. M. El-Sousy and Maged N. F. Nashed(Egypt)

Session 3-1-3: Ground Hardware Simulation  
AM-21 Validation Plan for SPDM Task Verification Facility
Ou Ma, Jiegao Wang, Misra Sarthak, and Michael Liu(USA,Canada)
AM-23 The SPDM Task Verification Facility: On the Dynamic Emulation in One-g Environment using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
M. Doyon, J.-C. Piedboeuf, F. Aghili, Y. Gonthier and E. Martin(Canada)
AM-13 Autonomous Robotics and Ground Operations
Regent L'Archeveque and Erick Dupuis(Canada)
AS-22 Autonomous Cooperative Robots for Space Structure Assembly and Maintenance
Hiroshi Ueno, Takeshi Nishimaki, Mitsushige Oda, and Noriyasu Inaba(Japan)
EU-7 Robotic Assembly of XEUS Mirror Sectors on ISS
R. Licata, M. Parish, I.J. Ruiz Urien, E. Crudo, and F. Didot(Italy)
EU-14 Improving the Free-Floater Space Robot Simulator for Intervention Missions
C. Bettanini, A. Aboudan, A. Francesconi, M.Marchesi, C.Menon, G.Bianchini, and F. Angrilli(Italy)
AS-26 Design and Ground Experiment of Reconfigurable Arm System
Nobumasa Yamaguchi, Ryuichi Hodosima, Ikutarou Morita, and Saburo Matunaga(Japan)
EU-22 A Robotic Arm For On-Ground Validation Of Autonomous Navigation Algorithms
A. Davighi, and F. Bernelli-Zazzera(Italy)

Session 3-2-1: Spacecraft Autonomy  
EU-3 Fuzzy Logic and Decisional Processes towards a Space System Activity Autonomous Scheduler
M.R.Lavagna, Ercoli Finzi A., and Da Costa A.(Italy)
EU-5 Improving On-Board Diagnosis Efficiency through Automatic System Model Abstraction
Gianluca Torta and Pietro Torasso(Italy)
AM-56 Automating the Processing of Earth Observation Data
Keith Golden, Wanlin Pang, Ramakrishna Nemani, and Petr Votava(USA)
AM-20 Command and Control of a Cluster of Satellites
Paul Zetocha(USA)
AS-16 Development of SIS - Satellite Controller Integrated with Star Sensors -
Katsumasa Miyatake, Haruhiko Shimoji, Kazumori Hama, and Kenji Mitani(Japan)

Session 3-2-2: Multiple Robots and Formation  
AM-1 Orbit Control Considerations for a Bistatic SAR Formation Flying Mission
F. J. Pelletier, G Seguin, and M. Lapointe(Canada)
AS-14 Design and Control of Three-Dimensional Trajectory for a Space Robot Flying around a Target Satellite in Consideration of a Change in the Thrust
Masayuki Sugahara, Yasuhiro Masutani, and Fumio Miyazaki(Japan)
AM-25 Dynamic Networks for Motion Planning in Multi-Robot Space Systems
Christopher M. Clark, Stephen M. Rock, and Jean-Claude Latombe(USA)
AM-9 Market-Based Multirobot Coordination for Complex Space Applications
M. Bernardine Dias, Dani Goldberg, and Anthony Stentz(USA)

Session 3-2-3: Space Exploration  
AM-38 Revolutionary Deep Space Science Missions Enabled by Onboard Autonomy
Steve Chien, Theresa Debban, Chen-Wan Yen, Robert Sherwood, Rebecca Castano, Benjamin Cichy, Ashley Davies, Michael Burl, Alex Fukunaga, Ronald Greeley, Thomas Doggett, Kevin Williams, Victor Baker, and James Dohm(USA)
AS-34 Evaluation of Uneven Terrain Traversability for Wheeled Mobile Robots by Fractal Terrain Model
Yasuyoshi Yokokohji, Satoshi Chaen, and Tsuneo Yoshikawa(Japan)
AM-30 Mission-Directed Behaviour-Based Robots for Planetary Exploration
Andrei M. Rotenstein, Albert L. Rothenstein, and John K. Tsotsos(Canada)
AS-33 Sampling and Surface Exploration Strategies in MUSES-C and Future Asteroid Missions
Kazuya Yoshida, Yoichi Nishimaki, Takeshi Maruki, Takashi Kubota, and Hajime Yano(Japan)