Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Opening session
09:00 no presentation
C Stavrinidis
ESA/head of Mechanical Engineering Department

09:15 presentation ESA Robotics overview
G Visentin
ESA/head of Automation and Robotics Section

09:40 presentation

video 1
Exomars project address
P Baglioni
ESA/Exomars rover manager (acting)

10:15 presentation MREP update
P Falkner
ESA/head of Solar System and Robotic Exploration Missions Section

Opening session - continued
11:00 presentation ERA update
P Schoonejans
ESA/head of ERA and Robotics Project Office

11:25 presentation Clean Space
L Innocenti
ESA/Clean Space initiative manager

11:50 presentation

video 1
Automation and Robotics in the German Space Agency
B Sommer
German Aerospace Centre - DLR

12:15 presentation An overview of space robotics activities at the Canadian Space Agency
E Martin
Canadian Space Agency - CSA

12:40 presentation CNES robotics activities: towards long distance OB decision-making navigation
S Moreno
Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales - CNES

Session 1 Planetary sampling I
14:15 presentation Sample Fetching Rover (SFR) for MSR
Merlo, A. 1; Falkner, P. 2; Larranaga, J. 2
1Thales Alenia Space Italia - Turin, (ITALY);
2European Space Agency ESA/ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS)

14:40 presentation Technologies for Automated Sample Handling and Sample Distribution on Planetary Landing Missions
Richter, L. 1; Hofmann, P. 1; Mühlbauer, Q. 1; T.C., Ng 2; Paul, R. 1; Schulte, W. 1
1Kayser-Threde GmbH, (GERMANY);
2R1605, Island Beverly Center, (HONG KONG)

15:05 presentation Proof of concept of a Bio-Containment System for Mars Sample Return Mission
Senese, S. 1; Magnani, P. 1; Fumagalli, A. 1; Colomba, M. 1; Pedrini, A. 2; Indrigo, D. 2; Terribile, A. 2; Ferrario, R. 2; Guest, M. 3; Romstedt, J. 4
1Selex Galileo, (ITALY);
2Tecnomare, (ITALY);

Session 2 Active debris removal / on orbit servicing I
14:15 presentation

video 1
Mission DEOS – Verifying Space Robotic Technologies for a More Sustainable Orbital Infrastructure
Wolf, T. ; Reintsema, D. ; Sommer, B. ; Nölke, D.

14:40 presentation Robotics Component Verification on ISS (ROKVISS) - Five Years in Space Final Experimental Results on Friction Parameter Identification
Bertleff, W. ; Landzettel, K. ; Albu-Schäffer, A.
German Aerospace Center - DLR, (GERMANY)

15:05 no presentation
Flexible Capture Devices for Medium to Large Debris Active Removal: Simulation Results to drive Experiments
Lavagna, M. ; Benvenuto, R.
Politecnico di Milano, (ITALY)

Session 3 Rover Testbeds
16:35 presentation The development of the Locomotion Performance Model (LPM) for the ExoMars Rover Vehicle
Meacham, P. ; Lancaster, R. ; Silva, N. ; Clemmet, J.
Astrium Ltd., (UNITED KINGDOM)

17:00 presentation The Lunar Analog ISRU Rover "Artemis Jr."
Cristello, N. 1; Faragalli, M. 1; Jones, B. 1; Iles, P. 1; Reid, E. 1; Muise, J. 1; Visscher, P. 2; Boucher, D. 3; Simard-Bilodeau, V. 4; Apostolopoulos, D. 5; Rocco, P. 6; Picard, M. 7
1Neptec Design Group, (CANADA);
2Ontario Drive and Gear, (CANADA);
3Northern Center for Advanced Technology (NORCAT), (CANADA);
4NGC Aerospace, (CANADA);
5ProtoInnovations, (UNITED STATES);
6Provectus Robotics Solutions, (CANADA);
7Canadian Space Agency, (CANADA)

Session 4 Navigation / localisation I
15:45 presentation Absolute Map-Based Localization for a Planetary Rover
Lacroix, S. ; Pham, B.V. ; Maligo, A.

16:10 presentation SEEKER - Long Range Autonomous Navigation and Autonomy for Remote Exploration Rovers in the Atacama Desert
Woods, M 1; Shaw, A 1; Tidey, E 2; Pham, Bach Van 3; Mukherji, R 4; Cross, G 5; Maddison, B 6; Kisdi, A 6
2Roke Manor Research, (UNITED KINGDOM);

16:35 presentation Robust Visual Odometery for Space Exploration
Shaw, A 1; Woods, M 1; Churchill, W 2
2University of Oxford, (UNITED KINGDOM)

17:00 presentation Autonomous Visual Navigation for Planetary Exploration Rovers
Lourakis, M. ; Chliveros, G. ; Zabulis, X.
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas, (GREECE)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

08:30 no presentation
Robotics at DFKI
F Kirchner
Robotics Innovation Centre - DFKI

Session 5 Field testing
09:25 presentation The PRoViScout Field Trials Tenerife 2012 – Integrated Testing of Aerobot Mapping, Rover Navigation and Science Assessment
Paar, G. 1; Tyler, L. 2; Barnes, D.P. 2; Woods, M. 3; Kapellos, K. 4; Pajdla, T. 5; Medina, A. 6; Pullan, D. 7; Griffiths, A.D. 8; Muller, J.P. 8; Long, D. 9; Shaw, A. 10
1JOANNEUM RESEARCH, (- Not specified -);
2Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM);
3Scisys Ltd., (UNITED KINGDOM);
4Trasys, (BELGIUM);
5Czech Technical University, (CZECH REPUBLIC);
7University of Leicester, (UNITED KINGDOM);
9Kings College London, (UNITED KINGDOM);

09:50 presentation Site Selection and Field Logistics in Preparations for the 2012 ProViScout Field Trial.
Pugh, S 1; Tyler, L 1; Barnes, D 1; Labrosse, F 1; Neal, M. 1; Pullan, D 2; Paar, G 3; PRoViScout , Team 4
1Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM);
2University of Leicester, (UNITED KINGDOM);

10:15 presentation A Facility For the Verification and Validation of Robotics and Autonomy for Planetary Exploration
Allouis, E 1; Blake, R 2; Gunes-Lasnet, S 3; Jorden, T 1; Lee, C 2; Maddison, B 3; Schroeven-Deceuninck, H 4; Stuttard, M 1; Truss, P 3; Ward, K 3; Ward, R 2; Woods, M 2
1Astrium Ltd, (UNITED KINGDOM);
3STFC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, (UNITED KINGDOM);
4European Space Agency, (UNITED KINGDOM)

10:40 presentation New Planar Air-bearing Microgravity Simulator for Verification of Space Robotics Numerical Simulations and Control Algorithms
Rybus, T. 1; Nicolau-Kuklinski, J. 1; Seweryn, K. 1; Barcinski, T. 2; Ciesielska, M. 1; Grassmann, K. 1; Grygorczuk, J. 1; Karczewski, M. 1; Kowalski, M. 1; Krzewski, M. 1; Kucinski, T. 1; Lisowski, J. 1; Przybyla, R. 1; Skup, K. 1; Szewczyk, T. 1; Wawrzaszek, R. 1
1Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, (POLAND);
2Faculty of Electrical Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, (POLAND)

Session 6 Simulation / Modelling /Visualisation I
09:25 presentation 3D Based Rover Operations Control System
Joudrier, L. 1; Kapellos, K. 2; Wormnes, K. 3

09:50 presentation SPAN Viewer - A Visualization Tool for Advanced Robotics Applications
Kimmer, S. ; Rebelo, J. ; Schiele, A.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)

10:15 presentation

video 1
video 2
video 3
video 4
Mechanical Simulation of the ExoMars Rover using SICONOS in 3DROV
Acary, V. 1; Bremond, M. 2; Michalczyk, J. 2; Kapellos, K. 3; Pissard-Gibollet, R. 2
1Inria, (FRANCE);

10:40 presentation European Robotics Arm Monitoring and Control System using Yamcs
Aziz, Sarmad 1; Mihalache, Nicolae 2
2Space Applications Services, (BELGIUM)

Session 7 Control & Estimation I
11:35 no presentation
The Dilemma Diagnoser Approach and its Application to the Fault-Tolerant Control of Planetary Exploration Rovers
Carvalho Leite, Alexandre ; Schäfer, Bernd
DLR - German Aerospace Center, (GERMANY)

12:00 presentation

video 1
Model Predictive Traction and Steering Control of Planetary Rovers
Krenn, R. 1; Gibbesch, A. 1; Binet, G. 2; Bemporad, A. 3
1German Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY);

12:25 presentation Towards a Unified Model-based Control Framework for Rapid (Space) Robotics developments
Schiele, A. ; Krueger, T. ; Aiple, M. ; Kimmer, S.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)

12:50 presentation Validation of the Control Strategy of the Free Flying Robot - Application to the Rendezvous Manoeuvres
Seweryn, K. 1; Barcinski, T. 2; Ciesielska, M. 1; Grygorczuk, J. 1; Rybus, T. 1; Skup, K. 1; Wawrzaszek, R. 1
1Space Research Centre PAS, (POLAND);
2Faculty of Electrical Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, (POLAND)

Session 8 Mobility I
11:35 presentation Development of a Mobility Drive Unit for Low Gravity Planetary Body Exploration
Reill, J. ; Sedlmayr, H-J. ; Kuß, S. ; Neugebauer, P. ; Herrmann, F. ; Maier, M. ; Gibbesch, A. ; Albu-Schäffer, A.
DLR (German Aerospace Center), (GERMANY)

12:00 presentation

video 1
video 2
Concept Study for the FASTER Micro Scout Rover
Sonsalla, R.U. ; Fritsche, M. ; Voegele, T. ; Kirchner, F.

12:25 presentation

video 1
video 2
Modelling Leg / Terrain Interaction for a Legged Planetary Micro-Rover
Yeomans, B 1; Saaj, Chakravarthini M 1; Van Winnendael, Michel 2
1University of Surrey, (UNITED KINGDOM);

12:50 presentation MANTIS - A Robot with Advanced Locomotion and Manipulation Abilities
Manz, M. 1; Bartsch, S. 1; Kirchner, F. 2
1DFKI Robotics Innovation Center, (GERMANY);
2DFKI Robotics Innovation Center and University of Bremen, Department for Mathematics and Computer Sc, (GERMANY)

Session 9 Navigation & Localisation II
14:15 presentation Quasi-thematic Feature Detection and Tracking for Future Rover Long-Distance Autonomous Navigation
Shaukat, A ; Gao, Y ; Spiteri, C ; Al-Milli, S ; Bajpai, A
University of Surrey, (UNITED KINGDOM)

14:40 presentation Semantic Navigation Maps for Mobile Robot Localization on Planetary Surfaces
Rossmann, J. 1; Jochmann, G. 2; Bluemel, F. 2
1Institute for Man-Machine-Interaction, RWTH Aachen University, (GERMANY);
2RIF e.V. Institute for Research and Transfer, (GERMANY)

15:05 presentation Safe Long-Range Travel for Planetary Rovers through Forward Sensing
Nevatia, Y. 1; Bulens, F. 1; Gancet, J. 1; Gao, Y. 2; Al-Mili, S. 2; Sonsalla, R.U. 3; Kaupisch, T.P. 4; Fritsche, M. 3; Vogele, T. 3; Allouis, E. 5; Skocki, K. 6; Ransom, S. 7; Saaj, C. 2; Matthews, M. 2; Yeomans, B. 2; Richter, L. 7
1Space Applications Services NV, (BELGIUM);
2Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, (UNITED KINGDOM);
3DFKI Innovation Center, (GERMANY);
5Astrium Ltd, (UNITED KINGDOM);
6Astri Polska Sp. z o. o., (POLAND);
7Liquifer Systems Group GmbH, (AUSTRIA)

15:30 presentation Navigation and Slip Kinematics for High Performance Motion Models
Hidalgo Carrio, J.
DFKI - Robotics Innovation Center, (GERMANY)

Session 10 Perception
14:15 presentation Mars Rover Colour Vision: Generating the True Colours of Mars
Barnes, D.
Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM)

14:40 presentation

video 1
ExoMars Rover Vehicle Perception System Architecture and Test Results
McManamon, K

15:05 presentation Pan/Tilt-Unit as a Perception Module for Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle and Landing Systems
Wedler, A. 1; Maier, A. 2; Reill, J. 2; Brand, C. 2; Hirschmüller, H. 2; Suppa, M. 2; Maier, M. 3; Beyer, A. 3
1DLR (German Aerospace Center), (GERMANY);
2DLR Institute of Robotics and ‎Mechatronics, (GERMANY);
3DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, (GERMANY)

15:30 presentation Multi-Level Soil Sensing Systems to Identify Safe Trafficability Areas for Extra-Planetary Rovers
Lewinger, W 1; Comin, F 1; Ransom, S 2; Richter, L 2; Al-Milli, S 1; Spiteri, C 1; Gao, Y 1; Matthews, M 1; Saaj, C 1
1University of Surrey, (UNITED KINGDOM);
2LIQUIFER Systems Group GmbH, (AUSTRIA)

Session 11 Planetary sampling II
16:10 presentation

video 1
video 2
Prototype of Ultra-Light Planetary Manipulator - Design, Tests and Simulations
Grygorczuk, J. ; Kedziora, B. ; Tokarz, M. ; Seweryn, K. ; Banaszkiewicz, M. ; Dobrowolski, M. ; Lyszczek, P. ; Rybus, T. ; Skup, K. ; Wawrzaszek, R.
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, (POLAND)

16:35 no presentation
The Heat Flow and Physical Properties Package HP3 - Mole at the InSight Mission to Mars
Krömer, O. 1; Cacovean, A. 2; Grott, M. 3; Jänchen, J. 3; Kargl, G. 4; Michaelis, H. 3; Nadalini, R. 2; Spohn, T. 3; van Zoest, T. 1
1DLR - Institute of Space Systems, (GERMANY);
2Activespace Technology, (GERMANY);
3DLR - Institute of Planetary Research, (GERMANY);

17:00 presentation Mobile Payload Element (MPE): Concept Study of a Small, Autonomous and Innovative Sample Fetching Rover
Haarmann, R 1; Mühlbauer, Q. 1; Richter, L. 1; Klinkner, S. 2; Lee, C. 2; Wagner, C. 2; Jaumann, R. 3; Koncz, A. 3; Michaelis, H. 3; Schwendner, J. 4; Hirschmüller, H. 5; Wedler, A. 5
1Kayser-Threde GmbH, (GERMANY);
2von Hoerner & Sulger GmbH, (GERMANY);
3‎DLR Institute of Planetary Research, (GERMANY);
4‎German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI, (GERMANY);
5DLR Institute of Robotics and ‎Mechatronics, (GERMANY)

Session 12 Control & Estimation II
16:10 presentation Semi-Analytical Adaptive Guidance Algorithm for Fast Retargeting Maneuvers Computation during Planetary Descent and Landing
Lavagna, M. ; Lunghi, P.
Politecnico di Milano, (ITALY)

16:35 no presentation
Incremental Sensor Fusion in Factor Graphs with Unknown Delays
Sünderhauf, N. ; Protzel, P.
Chemnitz University of Technology, (GERMANY)

17:00 presentation Localization of the NTUA Emulator Space Robot Using a Discrete Extended Kalman Filter, Data Fusion & Feedback Delay Compensation
Kalgreadis, A. ; Paraskevas, I. S. ; Papadopoulos, E.
National Technical University of Athens, (GREECE)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Session 13 Active Debris Removal / On orbit Servicing II
09:30 presentation Analysis of a Deorbiting Maneuver of a large Target Satellite using a Chaser Satellite with a Robot Arm
Gahbler, P. 1; Lampariello, R. 1; Sommer, J. 2
1German Aerospace Agency (DLR), (GERMANY);
2ASTRIUM Space Transportation GmbH, Bremen, (GERMANY)

09:55 presentation A Comparison of the Use of a Single Large vs a Number of Small Robots in On-Orbit Servicing
Rekleitis, G. ; Papadopoulos, E.
National Technical University of Athens, (GREECE)

10:20 presentation A Far Range Image Processing Method for Autonomous Tracking of an Uncooperative Target
Benninghoff, H. ; Tzschichholz, T. ; Boge, T. ; Gaias, G.
German Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY)

Session 14 Mobility II
09:30 presentation Quadruped Optimum Gaits Analysis for Planetary Exploration
Kontolatis, I. 1; Paraskevas, I. S. 1; Myrisiotis, D. 1; Papadopoulos, E. 1; de Croon, G.C.H.E. 2; Izzo, D. 2
1National Technical University of Athens, (GREECE);
2Advanced Concepts Team - ESA/ESTEC, (NETHERLANDS)

09:55 presentation Toward Controlled Passive Actuation
Dresscher, D. ; Stramigioli, S.
University of Twente, (NETHERLANDS)

10:20 presentation ExoMars Rover Vehicle Mobility functional Architecture and Key Design Drivers
Silva, N. ; Lancaster, R. ; Slade, R. ; Clemmet, J.

Session 15 Human Robot Interaction
11:15 presentation Erasmus Recording Binoculars 2nd Generation: Design, Development and Results after 3 Years of Operations Onboard the ISS
Poulakis, P 1; Kelly, C 2; Celton, E 1; Sabbatini, M 1; Conigli, A 1; Esposito, M 2; Collon, M 2; Grassini, F 1
1European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS);
2Cosine Research BV, (NETHERLANDS)

11:40 presentation Artificial Muscles Technologies and Designs for a Countermeasure Body Suit
Letier, P. 1; Bulens, F. 1; Luchsinger, R. 2; Kovacs, G. 2; Weder, M. 2; Ilzkovitz, M. 1; Runge, A. 3
1Space Applications Services, (BELGIUM);

12:05 presentation Investigations Towards Low-Bandwidth Real-Time Video for Teleoperation
Kimmer, S. ; Schiele, A.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)

12:30 no presentation
Exoskeleton Control of the Robonaut Through RAPID and ROS
Krueger, T. ; Schiele, A.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)

Session 16 Simulation/Modeling/Visualisation II
11:15 presentation Rapid Modeling of High Resolution, Moon-alike Digital Elevation Models for Testing of Optical Localization Methods
Lingenauber, Martin 1; Bodenmüller, Tim 1; Kuß, Sebastian 1; Bartelsen, Jan 2; Maass, Bolko 1; Krüger, Hans 1; Paproth, Carsten 1; Suppa, Michael 1
1German Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY);
2Bundeswehr University, (GERMANY)

11:40 presentation Improved Validation & Testing of Remote Robotics Systems by Integrating Simulation & Graphical User Interface Customization.
Matthews, I. 1; Omerdic, E. 2
1National Instruments, (FRANCE);
2University of Limerick, (IRELAND)

12:05 presentation

video 1
video 2
Automated Design of Lightweight Exploration Rovers
Schäfer, Bernd ; Carvalho Leite, Alexandre
DLR - German Aerospace Center, (GERMANY)

12:30 presentation Locomotion on soft Granular Soils: A discrete Element based approach for Simulations of Planetary Exploration Rovers
Lichtenheldt, R. ; Schäfer, B.
German Aerospace Center (DLR), (GERMANY)

Session 17 Simulation/Modeling/Visualisation III
14:15 presentation Satellite Docking Simulation based on HIL Hybrid Contact Model
Zebenay, M 1; Boge, T 1; Choukroun, D 2; Lampariello, R 1
1Germany Aerospace Center, (GERMANY);
2Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), (NETHERLANDS)

14:40 presentation On-Ground Verification of VIBANASS (VIsion BAsed NAvigation Sensor System): Capabilities and Results
Mühlbauer, Q. ; Rank, P. ; Kaiser, C.
Kayser-Threde GmbH, (GERMANY)

15:05 presentation Advanced and Efficient Space Robotics Development: The eRobotics Approach
Rossmann, J. ; Sondermann, B. ; Rast, M.
Institute for Man-Machine-Interaction, (GERMANY)

15:30 presentation Design, Simulation and Testing of Shrimp Rover Using Recurdyn
Kumar, S ; Shivanna, R ; Bhagat, M R ; Gangadharan, K V
National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal, (INDIA)

15:55 presentation Simulation of Robotic Regolith Mining for Base Construction on Mars
Halbach, E. 1; Zhmud, V. A. 2; Halme, A. 1
1Aalto University, (FINLAND);
2Novosibirsk State Technical University, (RUSSIAN FEDERATION)

Session 18 Planning & Autonomy
14:15 presentation

video 1
Planning-based Controllers for increased Levels of autonomous Operations
Fratini, S. ; Martin, S. ; Policella, N. ; Donati, A.

14:40 presentation Cooperative Systems in Mission Planning
Muñoz, P. ; R-Moreno, M.D.
Universidad de Alcalá, (SPAIN)

15:05 no presentation
An Emperical Experience with 3DROV Simulator: Testing and Advanced Autonomous Controller for Rover Operations
Diaz, D. 1; R.Moreno, M.D. 1; Cesta, A. 2; Oddi, A. 2; Rasconi, R. 2
1Universidad de Alcala, (SPAIN);

15:30 no presentation
QuijoteExpress - A Novel APSI Planning System for Future Space Robotic Missions
Delfa Victoria, J. 1; Fratini, S. 2; Policella, Nicola 2; Gao, Y. 3; Stryk, Oskar 1
1Technical University Darmstadt, (GERMANY);
3University of Surrey, (UNITED KINGDOM)

15:55 presentation Integrating Planning and Scheduling Capabilities in a Space Robotics Domain
De Benedictis, R. ; Cesta, A. ; Orlandini, A. ; Umbrico, A.

Poster Session

no presentation
Planetary Exploration Autonomous Science Target Touchability Evaluation Using a Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach
Gui, C ; Barnes, D ; Pan, L
Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM)

no presentation
Sensitivity Analysis of Virtual Terrain Accuracy for Vision Based Algorithms
Marc, R. 1; Joudrier, L. 2; Pajdla, T. 1
1Czech Technical University, (CZECH REPUBLIC);
2European Space Agency, (NETHERLANDS)

no presentation
Vision-aided IMU Estimation of Attitude and Orientation for Mars Rover
Lou, L. 1; Shen, M. L. 1; Gui, C. 2; Pan, L. L. 2; Zheng, Y. J. 3
1Chongqing Jiaotong University, (CHINA);
2Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM);
3ChenDu Fuliye Electronic Technology Ltd., (CHINA)

no presentation
Mars Multispectral Images Classification Using Machine Learning Techniques
Pan, L. ; Barnes, D. ; Shang, C. ; Gui, C.
Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM)

no presentation
Mars Region of Interesting Detection Based upon Saliency Methods
Pan, L. ; Barnes, D.
Aberystwyth University, (UNITED KINGDOM)

no presentation
Extending the NTUA Space Robot Emulator for Validating Complex On-Orbit Servicing Tasks
Machairas, K. ; Andreou, S. ; Paraskevas, I. ; Papadopoulos, E.
National Technical University of Athens, (GREECE)

no presentation
Stiffness of an EVA Glove: Objective Evaluation and Testing Procedures
Pescarmona, F. 1; Mousavi, M. 1; Battezzato, A. 1; Favetto, A. 1; Appendino, S. 1; Chen Chen, F. 1; Crepaldi, M. 1; Bonanno, A. 1; Demarchi, D. 2
1Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, (ITALY);
2Politecnico di Torino, (ITALY)

no presentation
A Single Degree of Freedom Setup for the Analysis of Bilateral Control Architectures - Time Delay Teleoperation Experiments
Rebelo, J. ; Aiple, M. ; Schiele, A.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)

no presentation
Sampling Tools for Low Gravity Bodies: Some Tests rRults from early Prototyping
Magnani, P. 1; Ylikorpi, T. 2; Re, E. 1; Fumagalli, A. 1; Romstedt, J. 3
1Selex ES, (ITALY);
2Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering, (FINLAND);

no presentation
Sticking in Space: Manufacturing dry Adhesives and testing their Performance in Space Environments
Henrey, M 1; Díaz-Téllez, J.P. 1; Wormnes, K 2; Pambaguian, L 3; Menon, C 1
1Simon Fraser University, (CANADA);

no presentation
Climbing with structured dry Adhesives: Sticky Robots for scaling smooth vertical Surfaces
Henrey, M 1; Krahn, J 1; Ahmed, A 1; Li, Y 1; Wormnes, K 2; Menon, C 1

no presentation
Telemanipulation and Shared Control Interface for the KUKA Lightweight Robot using KUKA Robot Sensor Interface
Schiele, A.
ESA Telerobotics & Haptics Laboratory, (NETHERLANDS)